Published essays

Johnsson, Liselott. "The Archive: The Creative Process of Abstract Painter Thomas Nozkowski."

Scribd. Web. 07 April 2013. (pdf)

Johnsson, Liselott. "Blinky Palermo and Gianni Vattimo: A Weak Juxtaposition."

Scribd. Web. 04 August 2013. (pdf)

Johnsson, Liselott. "Unfolded: A Comparison of Folded Paintings by Simon Hantaï and André-Pierre Arnal."

Scribd. Web. 23 September 2013. (pdf)


Other essays 

Interview: Peter Halley

Painting in Architectural Space: Mary Heilman and Katherina Grosse

Introducing Chance in Painting

A New Presence in Contemporary Art: Women Abstract Painters